Brad Basler

    The man with a plan ‘so to speak’, Brad is the primary store owner and is a constant presence at the store. Born and raised in Festus, Brad spent many years working in retail before he returned home to care for his aging family and take care of the community in which he was raised. Through years of working in retail and as a private financial investor, Brad has the background, training and knowledge to get you where you need to be; whether it’s buying the perfect ring or investing a portion of your portfolio into hard assets. His personal interests in coin collecting started at a very young age, and has awarded him invaluable expertise in grading and appraising coins and coin collections. He even worked up North for several years with a large jewelry and coin store doing formal appraising and grading for coins and bouillon collections. Brad is dedicated to providing you with a knowledgeable, friendly, and safe environment to shop and learn more about coins, bouillon and jewelry.

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    Jeweler in Festus, Phyllis